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Meetings of the National Committee are held the second Tuesday each month at the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, 63 Merrion Square, Dublin 2 at 6pm.

The meeting can take the format of a general membership meeting or a presentation by an ICOMOS Member. These range from policy matters to case studies and issues for professional practice and are characterised by valuable interdisciplinary profession discussion.

The committee meetings are preceded by a Board meeting which reports briefly to the main members meeting. 


  • 15 January - National Committe Meeting with workshop to address ICOMOS Ireland submission to National Heritage Plan 2030 Consultation Document 
  • 12 February - National Committee Meeting with presentation by Carrig Conservation on DAHG's Climate Change Adaptation Sectoral Plan
  • 12 March - National Committee Meeting with presentation by Fergus McCormick Architect with OPW on the lighthouse at Skellig Michael
  • 27 April - International Sites and Monuments Day Event (Details here).
  • 14 May - National Committee Meeting with presentation by Ivor McElveen on Latest Developments in Lime Mortar
  • 4 June - Annual General Meeting
  • 9 July - Board Meeting
  • 10 September - National Committee Meeting 
  • 8 October - National Committee Meeting with presentation by Grellan Rourke on the European Union Quality Principles for EU-Funded Interventions with Potential impact upon Cultural Heritage. 
  • 31 October (Tues) - Annual Maura Shaffrey Lecture - (Keeping Heritage Above Water - The Sustainable Development Goals and their relationship with Cultural Heritage)
  • 12 November - National Committee Meeting (TBC)
  • 10 December - Christmas Party with presentation by Dr. Elene Nugessie on Dr. Elene Nugessie Visby World Heritage Site

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