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This NSC originally operated as a sub-committee of ICOMOS Ireland until 2012 when ICOMOS reviewed its operational and governing structures.

This NSC is preparing a set of Rules of Governance which will be submitted to the Executive in course and then posted on this website once approved.

The NSC mirrors its International counterpart the ISCCL.  



The National Scientific Committee works to:

  • Promote ICOMOS Charters and the principles of conservation to bodies whose work affects Cultural Landscapes;
  • Raise awareness and understanding of the value and significance of Cultural Landscapes as an integral part of the historic environment both urban and rural;
  • Promote the implementation of the aims of European Landscape Convention with respect to Cultural Heritage.


Areas under investigation include an examination of the current situation in relation to the protection of the Cultural Landscape in Ireland under the following headings : Policy, Legislation, Education, Training & Research. The work of the National Scientific Committee is currently focused on preparing a review of the National Spatial Strategy and making a submission later this year. The Committee will also address other issues that arise affecting Cultural Landscape Policy.

Recent submissions made by the Committee include responses to the NIAH Inventory Of Historic Gardens and Landscapes and the on the new draft Management Plan for Phoenix Park in Dublin.

The ICOMOS Ireland Cultural Landscapes National Scientific Committee held their first Irish Rural Landscape Photography Competition in 2012. Please click here for further information on the competition.


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