NSCCT Programme of Work

Current Programme of Works:

  • Facilitate the Maura Shaffrey Annual Memorial Lecture in 2017 by Dr. Peter Harbison;
  • Compile compendium or toolkit of initiatives/ideas on best practice in cultural tourism from the Irish context, which will complement the recent work of the ISC to develop a cultural tourism compendium;
  • Identify individuals and organisations on the international scene that have developed techniques to fully assess the value of heritage (both social and economic values);
  • Present Irish and international best practice initiatives on cultural tourism for promotion to government ministers, departments and organisations;
  • Contribute, where appropriate, to ICOMOS Ireland reports, advocacy campaigns and other correspondence;
  • Investigate if feasible for NSC to deliver a number of targeted cultural tourism projects itself or in partnership with others;
  • Collaboration with ICOMOS Ireland NSCs, ICOMOS International, ICTC, and with any other relevant bodies, government agencies or institutions whose work and mission is aligned to the objective of the Committee;
  • Provision of a platform for dialogue and cooperation between professionals, experts, academics and students of cultural heritage through meetings, conferences, workshops, lectures and other appropriate activities to further the objectives of the Committee;
  • Acting as a combining link between the scientific work performed at the national level and the scientific work performed at the international level.


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