NSCET Rules of governance

This NSC is preparing a set of Rules of Governance which will be submitted to the Executive in course and then posted on this website once approved.



The National Scientific Committee works to:

  • Promote the ICOMOS International Guidelines on Education and Training in the conservation of Monuments Ensembles and Sites;
  • Promote ICOMOS and ICOMOS charters to education training providers and students;
  • Provide a platform and facilitate debate on the changing needs of education and training in the field of conservation;
  • Sustain professional improvement of teaching faculty (training of trainers)
  • Encourage Continuous Professional Development
  • Encourage interdisciplinary links
  • To maintain contact with the ICOMOS International Training Committee (CIF)


The work and current focus of the NSC comprises the following areas:

  • To promote and advance the actions recommended in the 2009 ICOMOS Ireland review of the state of conservation education and training.
  • To encourage participation by ICOMOS IRELAND members in the work of the NSC.
  • To establish a role profile and identify training needs for the community based voluntary sector.
  • To review the role profiles and training needs of  the ICOMOS Ireland NSCs as requested by CIF.


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