NSCES Publications and links

-          ICOMOS International Scientific Committee for Energy and Sustainability (ISCES) http://isces.icomos.org/

-          Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance (STBA) The Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance (STBA) is a collaboration of not for profit organisations, promoting Responsible Retrofit (Energy, Health & Heritage) for a sustainable traditional built environment. http://stbauk.org/

-          Historic Environment Scotland https://www.historicenvironment.scot/advice-and-support/your-property/saving-energy-in-traditional-buildings/

-          The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) http://www.spab.org.uk/advice/energy-efficiency/

-          Energy Efficiency for EU Historic Districts’ Sustainability (EFFESUS) EFFESUS is a research project investigating the energy efficiency of European historic urban districts and developing technologies and systems for its improvement. http://www.effesus.eu/

-          Energy Efficiency in European Historic Urban Disctricts; A Practical Guidance (EFFESUS 2016) http://www.effesus.eu/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/EFFESUS_Booklet_Final-Version.pdf

-          Sustainable Building Conservation; Theory and Practice of Responsive Design in the Heritage Environment (RIBA 2015) http://www.ribabookshops.com/item/sustainable-building-conservation-theory-and-practice-of-responsive-design-in-the-heritage-environment/82398/


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