IHNSC Programme of Work

IHNSC Three-Year Work Plan (2012 – 2015)


The work of the Industrial Heritage National Scientific Committee over the next three years will comprise:

  • Collaboration with the Irish National Committee and other National Committees in reviewing the current methods of communications within and between the wider ICOMOS community.
  • Explore whether the establishment of an ISC for IH would improve levels of interaction and co-operation between the specialist areas of interest in ICOMOS.
  • Research training and qualification measures for Industrial Heritage in Ireland in consultation with the IHAI, TICCIH, and other National Committees.
  • In collaboration with the Education and Training NSC, review the 1993 ICOMOS Guidelines for Education and Training in Conservation of Monuments with particular regard to IH.
  • Promotion of the Dublin Principles with ICOMOS Ireland to raise awareness of the significance of industrial heritage, and the need for its conservation, protection and enhancement.


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