About Us

ICOMOS Ireland Board Members

President: Fidelma Mullane

Treasurer: Nick Long

Membership Secretary: Katherine McClatchie

Ordinary Members: Gráinne Shaffrey, Angela Rolfe, Claire Foley, Fergus McCormick, David Hughes, John Geraghty

ICOMOS Ireland Strategic Plan

The ICOMOS Ireland Strategic Plan for the period 2022-24 can be read here:
ICOMOS Ireland Strategic Plan 2022-2024

The purpose of the plan is to put ICOMOS Ireland on a professional and well-funded footing. It will help firmly establish ICOMOS Ireland within Ireland, give Irish heritage conservation a higher profile at an international level within ICOMOS and enable greater collaboration, cross fertilization and dissemination of information to and from the international conservation community.

This plan sets out objectives that will guide ICOMOS Ireland in the effective delivery of an improved level of input and services to the protection and management of the built heritage in Ireland. The plan highlights the background of ICOMOS International, ICOMOS Ireland and its management, activities and financial background.


The Statutes of ICOMOS Ireland can be viewed here: ICOMOS Ireland Memorandum and Articles

ICOMOS Ireland Objectives

The main objective for which ICOMOS Ireland was established is:

The advancement of education and to foster a wider appreciation of historic, architectural and cultural heritage through the promotion for the public benefit of the conservation, protection and enhancement of monuments, groups of buildings and sites on a national and on an international level. The following objects set out are subsidiary and ancillary to the main objective.

  • To establish, maintain and promote internationally accepted standards of practice, in the preservation, conservation and management of cultural heritage.
  • To have regard to the framework of International Charters and Conventions on preservation of monuments, groups of buildings and sites.
  • To promote and work for higher standards in the preservation and conservation of cultural heritage.
  • To raise the level of awareness and encourage a wider understanding of the scope and value of cultural heritage, by educating the public in all matters relating to the conservation and preservation of the cultural heritage.
  • To promote international best practice through research and publications.
  • To promote international best practice through lectures, seminars, workshops and conferences.
  • To promote education and training programmes in the field of conservation and preservation.
  • To collect, evaluate and disseminate information on conservation principles, techniques and policies.
  • To become a statutory consultee for cultural heritage, policy and legislation in Ireland.
  • The ICOMOS Ireland Memorandum of Association can be viewed here.