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Annual Maura Shaffrey Memorial Lecture

The Future for the World Heritage Convention: Concepts, Challenges, and Changes’
8 December 2022 | 1800 hrs | Ed Burke Theatre, TCD.

To mark the 50th Anniversary of the World Heritage Convention 1972 ICOMOS Ireland is hosting its Annual Maura Shaffrey Memorial Lecture on Thursday 8th December at 6pm for the 6.30 pm Lecture which will be held in the Edmund Burke Theatre, at the Arts Building, Trinity College Dublin.

ICOMOS Ireland requests the pleasure of your company at the Lecture entitled:

“The Future for the World Heritage Convention: Concepts, Challenges, and Changes”

Our Keynote speaker will be Dr Roha W. Khalaf. The Lecture will be followed by a reception in the Atrium. Booking is essential to allow us cater for the event. Please register by 12pm on Monday, 5th December for in-person attendance. 

Dr. Roha W. Khalaf is a consultant architect and independent scholar, currently in Kuwait City, Kuwait. She holds a Ph.D. in Aménagement (Environmental Design) from Université de Montréal (2013), a Master of Architecture, a Bachelor of Architectural Studies with a minor in French literature and a Certificate in Teaching Skills from Carleton University, Canada. Her experience includes architectural and urban design, cultural heritage conservation and policy-making. Her interest in World Heritage took off in 2016 when she felt the need to contribute to the debate on reconstruction. After publishing “A viewpoint”, she was invited to participate in the ICOMOS University Forum Workshop on Authenticity and Reconstruction in Paris, in March 2017. Shortly after, she spent two months at the University of Cambridge as a Visiting Scholar of the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research to further develop her policy ideas, and was invited to participate in a UNESCO-World Bank brainstorming meeting on reconstruction at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. Roha later decided, as an independent scholar, to gradually build up a practical policy proposal for the future implementation of the World Heritage Convention, moving from reconstruction and authenticity towards other World Heritage matters, including integrity, culture/nature divide, sustainable development goals, climate action, and periodic reporting. Because of this gradual approach, her research is published as a series of articles in international peer-reviewed journals. ORCID: Roha is member of ICOMOS Canada and member of the Association of Critical Heritage Studies.


International Day of Monuments and Sites 2022

Rushing to Retrofit. Climate Justice or Left Out in the Cold’
14 April 2022 | 1800 hrs | Online

For this year’s International Day of Monuments and Sites (IDMS), we explore the theme of ‘Heritage and Climate Justice’. ICOMOS Ireland NSC and WG Conveners, international ICOMOS members and non-ICOMOS bodies respond to this pertinent topic, under the title of ‘Rushing to Retrofit. Climate Justice or Left Out in the Cold’.

This Conversation is the third in a series of ICOMOS Ireland events relating to Climate Change and Cultural Heritage which are scheduled for 2021- 2022.

Introduction: David Hughes (The ICOMOS Ireland National Scientific Committee on Energy + Sustainability (NSC E+S) & comment on the effect of the current approach to viewing embodied carbon)
Speaker 02: Colm Murray (comment on ICOMOS Ireland NSC participations)
Speaker 03: Peter Cox (Appropriate retrofitting to existing built heritage to benefit all stakeholders, to include reference to the Historic England Scoping Study, ‘Understanding Carbon in the Historic Environment’)
Conclusion: Ishanlosen Odiaua (ICOMOS Climate Change Working Group)
Open Discussion

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Watch a recording of this event here

Monthly Meetings and Talks

Meetings of the National Committee are held the second Tuesday each month at the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, 63 Merrion Square, Dublin 2 at 6pm.

The meeting can take the format of a general membership meeting or a presentation by an ICOMOS Member. These range from policy matters to case studies and issues for professional practice and are characterised by valuable interdisciplinary profession discussion.

The committee meetings are preceded by a Board meeting which reports briefly to the main members meeting.


Maura Shaffrey Lecture

The 23rd Annual Maura Shaffrey Memorial Lecture was held on Thursday, 18th October 2021.

The lecture, Cultural Heritage: A Missing Link in Climate Action: Post COP26 – Has the Gap been filled? was delivered by Andrew Potts, former Focal Point of the ICOMOS International Climate Change and Cultural Heritage Working Group.

Senator Alice-Mary Higgins delivered the response. For further details, please see the flyer for the event here

To watch a recording of this lecture, click here

Past Lectures

Annual Maura Shaffrey Memorial Lecture 2020:
‘People and Place: Expressions of Shared Heritage Through Intangible Cultural Heritage’
Clara Arokiosamy, OBE 
This presentation can be viewed on our YouTube channel – please click here.

Annual Maura Shaffrey Memorial Lecture 2019:
‘Keeping Heritage Above Water’ 
Dr. Cara Augustenborg 
All presentations can be viewed on our YouTube channel – please click here.

Annual Maura Shaffrey Memorial Lecture 2018:
‘Future Historic City: New Approaches for a Sustainable 21st Century City’ 
Professor Michael Turner
This presentation can be viewed on our YouTube channel – please click here.

Annual Maura Shaffrey Memorial Lecture 2017:
‘The Heritage of Tourism: Keeping Sight of Sites’
Dr. Peter Harbison 

Seminars and Workshops

Climate Change Conversations: Cultural Heritage – Workshop Series

Climate Change Conversations 01
As part of Heritage Week 2021, ICOMOS Ireland held an online Climate Conversation, with generous support from the Heritage Council. 

The planet is at a crossroads where business as usual is no longer an option. In December 2020, the ICOMOS General Assembly overwhelmingly voted to declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency. The declaration also recognises the immense potential of cultural heritage to enable inclusive, transformative and just climate action. Climate change is the most pressing issue of our time, and will affect every aspect of our lives. The solution will require action at every level of society. For Heritage Week 2021, in advance of COP26, ICOMOS Ireland held a public Climate Change Conversation, aimed at identifying ways and means to expand knowledge and define good practice for supporting heritage responses to climate change. The event will consist of three short introductory talks, followed by a 40 minute discussion with participation from the audience. What can ICOMOS Ireland do to focus on Climate Change?

  • Introduction – Deirdre McDermott 
  • Built Heritage Sectoral Adaptation Plan and the Climate Heritage Network – Jacqui Donnelly 
  • Climate Change: a Monumental Challenge – Professor John Sweeney 

A recording of this event can be viewed on our YouTube channel – please click here.

Climate Change Conversations 02
A second workshop in this series was held as a follow-up to the Annual Maura Shaffrey Lecture, on November 20th 2021. This workshop was facilitated by the Emerging Professional Working Group of ICOMOS Ireland. The Workshop explored the relevant action and application of cultural heritage in supporting national and international objectives for net-zero carbon, just transition, circular concepts

Themes addressed in the workshop included:

  • Intelligent strategies for reuse and adaptation;
  • resilient cities/towns/villages;
  • vernacular and intangible cultural heritage

For a recording of this workshop, please click here.

Past Events


April 2022: Joint ICOMOS Ireland-UK Meeting, Caernarfon, Wales.
ICOMOS UK and ICOMOS Ireland held a joint meeting for members in Wales during 8-10 April 2022. This event included a conference on Saturday morning, with papers on current issues from each group, followed by a walking tour of Caernarfon Castle and Town Walls. On Sunday, there was a tour by coach of the most recently inscribed UK World Heritage Site – The Slate Landscape of North-West Wales – to view some of the quarries and associated vernacular buildings. The programme for this event can be seen here


June 2019: The Culture Nature Spectrum: Conversations about Irish Cultural Landscapes with an International Perspective.
The ICOMOS Ireland National Scientific Committee on Cultural Landscapes hosted an International meeting and Public Symposium in Dublin. All presentations can be viewed on our YouTube channel – please click here.


9-10th April 2018: Sustainable Development Goals.
ICOMOS Ireland and the ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Energy, Sustainability and Climate Change (ISCES+CC) held a meeting and public seminar on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Dublin.

18th April 2018: International Day of Monuments and Sites – ‘Heritage for Generations’
ICOMOS Ireland Emerging Professionals held an open information evening and walking tour exploring the charters and conventions which shape conservation and cultural heritage practice. Videos of this event have been created with generous support from the Heritage Council. These videos can be viewed on our YouTube channel – please click here.