US/ICOMOS initiated an International Intern Exchange Program in 1984 and to date 70 countries and 600 young heritage professionals have participated in this programme.

Over the last two decades a number of young Irish heritage professionals have been fortunate enough to participate in this programme. This exchange programme aims to promote an understanding of international preservation policies, methods and techniques and to enable interns to make professional contacts and to form personal friendships that will ensure a continuing dialogue between countries.


Irish Interns in the USA/Icomos International Exchange Programme

2013:    Julia Crimmins worked on compiling short format histories on historical sites in South Carolina for submission to the Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) Peterson Prize competition, documenting and researching a mid 20th century log cabin the grounds of Medway Plantation in advance of conservation and repair works, putting together estimates in advance of a grant application for the conversion of a room in Charleston to an educational space at for the Historic Charleston Foundation.

2003:    Siobhan Duffy, Emmeline Henderson   

2001:    Helena Bergin   

1989:    Tomas Delahunty    

1988:    John Garvey, Bernadettee Goslin, Sean O’Reilly, James O’Dwyer    

1987:    Dermott Boyd, Niamh Butler, Samuel Gaine        

1986:    Michael Beary, Miriam Fitzpatrick, Michael O’Boyle    

ICOMOS Ireland encourages graduate students and young professionals to avail of this programme.  Further details can be found at


All interns must be graduate students or young professionals with at minimum an undergraduate degree in a preservation-related field.  Candidates are asked to submit a curriculum vita, two letters of recommendation, a 500-word essay describing their reasons for wanting to participate in the program, and examples of their work.  Participants are selected on the basis of skill, demonstrated commitment to historic preservation, previous experience and academic concentration in the field and the ability to represent their country in an exchange program.  In addition, interns are chosen whose skills, training, interest and previous experience match the needs of host organizations.         

The host organisation must be either a governmental body or a not-for-profit charitable heritage organisation and must be prepared to provide the intern with a stipend for the duration of their internship.


Icomos Ireland  USA/International Intern Programme

2014:    John Du Preez from Leuven will work on the INCBS Risk preparedness study GIS map and on the seminar logistics

2014:    Léa Espinas from France worked on launching the new ICOMOS Ireland website; on the INCBS study survey on Risk preparedness; on the preparation of an emailing list and on the logistics of the forthcoming INCBS seminar

2014:    Valentina Corvigno from Italy worked on the ISCES. Symposium and on the new website content

2013:    Bozhana Nikolova from Bulgaria (Interns Diary) worked on the proceedings of the 18 April 2013 Networking Conference on ‘Sustaining Our Built Heritage’

2012:    Gabrielle Amiot from Avignon University in France worked with ICOMOS Ireland from May to August 2012 to structure and prepare the ICOMOS Ireland archives from its inception (Interns Diary)

2010:    Amanda Shull

2009:    Barbara Zay

2008:    Megan Reese

2008:    Galway County Council placed an intern from the US for the summer of 2008. This position was filled by Megan Reese.

2007:     In order to provide reciprocity, the DOEHLG, through ICOMOS Ireland, offered a place to an intern from the US, to work in the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage for the summer of 2007. This placement was filled by Brandy Dubs.